This page is the main portal of communication for business offers and professional vacancies in CriptThis board and following announcements are created to help the company in Seed InvestmentCript uses two main social media portals for advertising vacancies and subcontracts: LinkedIn and AngelList. All applications for vacancies and subcontracts must be submitted via those portals appended with the resume of the applicant. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is compulsory to all referrals. NDA will be provided to applicants in advance of interviews with sufficient time to review. Once the NDA formalities are completed company will release relevant sections of the Business Model and Conceptual Design to stakeholders helping them to contemplate and estimate easier. If you have query about any subject other than these advertisements and wish to reach out please email Cript using the Contact page. Updates of all recent activities and news regularly get submitted on Cript DomainsCript Critical Path Locator.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – closed until further notice

Advert issue date: 06/10/2018
Advert close date: 23/11/2018
Contract commencement: not specified
Duration: perpetual
Status: closed until further notice
Location: not specified
Type: partnership

Cript would like to associate with Accounting & Finance professionals. Applicants must hold a post-graduate degree from a globally-recognised academic institution in these subjects as the minimum criteria and ideally be certified by a chartered institute (or equivalent). This is an ideal opportunity for professionals in those fields with strong ambitions in tech entrepreneurship. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is compulsory to all applicants. Company’s Business Model creates right foundation for the short-listed applicants in order to open discussion with in areas such as Financial Accounting – Management Accounting & Control and also Finance (Mainly Investment Appraisal but not presence in the Financial Markets at this stage). An advertisement has been publicly communicated via Cript social media page on LinkedIn only as a mechanism to gather and to short-list applicants but it must be noted that this is not a job vacancy but an invitation for a potential business partnership. This invitation comprises of an initial video-chat interview followed by face-to-face meetings and will continue with a probation period for the selected candidate. If you’re interested please apply using company’s advertisement on LinkedIn with your resume appended to your application. For any query other than this invitation please Contact Cript directly. It will be a great pleasure to meet you. Cript Critical Path Locator.


Motion Graphic Design Contract – Closed 

Advert issue date: 27/07/2018
Advert close date: 21/08/2018
Contract commencement: 01/10/2018
Duration: 8 weeks
Status: closed
Location: London
Type: contract - part-time - fixed-price

Critpt has a job vacancy for a Motion Graphic Design contractor. It is essential to hold at least two face-to-face iterative reviews with the contractor to brain-storm and to implement change. These reviews will be a contractual requirement that will have to be noted by the contractor in their quote whilst pricing may this needs considerations from them. If you’re interested to participate please send your applications via the official job advertisements on company’s social-media pages on LinkedIn and AngelList with your resume appended to your applicationCript Critical Path Locator.