Team – Critical Path Locators

Cript  is forming Team. This is to accommodate the Seed Investment. Team will have to compile Memorandums of Agreement and Articles of Association together that will have to satisfy underlying principles of Seed Investment and Business Model. For the time being the Sourcing page of the Cript Domains is the main communication portal for the Team. If you wish to know further to those advertisements please contact Cript directly using the Contact page. Cript Critical Path Locator.

Making Cript – Sourcing Talents

Cript issues its job opportunities and business offers on Sourcing page. This page has been created to help The Team to grow and to integrate faster during the Seed Investment process. LinkedIn and AngelList are two social medias that Cript has official representation on. All advertisement for vacancies will be updated on these social media portals immediately after announcement on Cript Domains. All applications for issued roles and offers must be submitted via those social media portals appended with applicant’s resume. Find out more background to these roles by checking company’s regular Updates and please feel free to Contact Cript anytime you wish. Cript Critical Path Locator.

Seed Investment

Cript is looking for Seed/Angel investment. This investment will help The Team to develop the Conceptual Design & Business Model. The structure of Conceptual Design & Business Model is prepared in order to be presented to two main groups of audience; Investors and Software Development companies and individuals. This document was once A Dissertation and will provide the audience with whatever’s needed for this investment. All business offers and professional vacancies, inline with this Seed Investment, will be published on the Sourcing page. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is compulsory to all business referrals. Updates will be regularly refreshed on Cript Domains in order to provide the audience with company’s detail activities and news. For other queries please Contact Cript directly. Cript Critical Path Locator.

Conceptual Design & Business Model

Conceptual Design & Business Model is made to assist Cript Limited with Seed Investment and was once A Dissertation. Audience to the Conceptual Design & Business Model will be provided with an Investment Appraisal – a Marketing Audit – operational charts & calculations – motion graphics -supplementary notes and more. Cript Trade Mark is registered and maintenance of all evolving intellectual properties will continue to be an ongoing task for The Team. Nevertheless a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is compulsory to all business referrals. If you’re directed to this panel from the Sourcing page please note you can find more information about applications on the intro section of that page and also within individual announcements. If you wish to know more about Cript please see Updates or alternatively Contact Cript directly. Cript Critical Path Locator.

Cript Domains

cript.uk & cript.eu are company’s domains on the World Wide Web. Cript Limited owns these domain names. Eventually these domains will be used for Cript final trials. At this moment in time these domains are used as company’s main portal of communication with professional bodies mainly regarding Seed Investment. All existing business offers and professional vacancies will be posted on the Sourcing page of Cript Domains. Going to these domains you can also see regular Updates of all recent activities and news about Cript. On these domains you can also email the company using the Contact page. Cript Critical Path Locator.

Cript Limited

Cript Limited was registered on March 2015 in England and Wales with registration # 9473527. Company is the owner of ® Cript Critical Path Locator Trade Mark with company head quarter currently located in London. Cript Domains on the World Wide Web are cript.uk & cript.eu. Company uses these domains to send  regular Updates and also to communicate all its existing business offers and professional vacancies on the Sourcing page inline with its Seed Investment. If you would like to contact  Cript please email the company using the Contact page. Cript Critical Path Locator.

A Dissertation

Cript is based on a distinction dissertation with major in Entrepreneurship Management. In order to abide by its principles a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is mandatory to all business referrals. Concept of Cript is detailed in company’s Conceptual Design & Business Model documents as part of Seed Investment. Keep informed by checking the Updates page and feel free to Contact Cript anytime you wish. Cript Critical Path Locator.